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Lesson 10: Wrap-up

Recycling Unit

Lesson 10: Wrap Up Day 1


Learners will be able to teach others about what they have learned.

Learners will learn to critically examine the work of others, giving them positive and constructive feedback.

Learners will learn to make formal presentations in front of their peers.


Anything the students need to make their presentations




  1. Student Activity: Each group of students will present their finished project to the class. The class will then be allowed to ask questions and make comments about the presentations. They will also be asked to write down feedback for the presenting groups.
  2. Student Activity: Students will be asked to review what they learned throughout this unit and share it with the class. They will reflect on the past three weeks in an informal essay. They will be asked to make a rough copy or outline as well as a finished product.


I will be able to assess student understand through their informal essay, which they are encouraged to write two drafts on.

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