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Lesson 4: How to Take Notes Part 1

Recycling Unit

Lesson 4: How to take notes

Lesson 1: Reading Comprehension


Learners will be able to read and understand their texts using comprehension techniques.

Learners will discover what information they still need to gather for their final products.


R.MT.05.01 Students will independently self-monitor comprehension when reading or listening to text and automatically use and discuss the strategies used by mature readers to increase comprehension and engage in interpretive discussion (e.g., predicting, constructing mental images, representing ideas in text, questioning, rereading or listening again, inferring or summarizing)


At least one source related to the student’s topic.

A What I learned and Questions I have worksheet.



  1. Teacher Lecture: Tell the students the importance of what they are reading and how even more important it is to understand what the text is saying. Introduce the concept of reading to spur on more learning. Explain how to use the What I learned and Questions I have worksheet. In one column the students list a fact or some information that they learned from the book that made them think of another related question. The question is then listed in the adjacent column.
  2. Teacher Lecture: Model for the students using “Where Does Garbage Go?” The what I Learned and Questions I have worksheet.
  3. Student Activity: Students will fill out their own charts based on at least one source they found the previous day. Students are to do this individually. Students will then compile a list as a group of what information they still would like to find out.


I will be able to assess students’ understanding based on the completeness of their charts as well as walking around and helping them complete their charts.

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