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Lesson 4: How to Take Notes Part II

Recycling Unit

Lesson 4: How to take notes

Part 2: Note cards.


Learners will be able to record notes while reading.

Learners will be able to organize notes based on category/ argument/ paragraph.

Learners will be able to create an outline based on their notes.


Note cards

Books to make notes on




  1. Teacher Lecture: Introduce students to the importance of note cards. Explain to the students how to take notes on note cards with a source card. Model for the students what a note card should look like based on the book that was read the lesson before. Key things to have on the note card: one fact or quote, source number, page number, category for final paper if available or known.
  2. Teacher Lecture: The teacher will also explain the difference between original throught, paraphrasing and quoting.
  3. Student Activity: Students make note cards based on their sources and then create an outline for their final project. They will take notes and create the outline as a group.


I will be able to assess student learning based on the note cards and outlines that the student turn in.

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