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Lesson 6: Landfill

Recycling Unit

Lesson 6: Field Trip to the landfill


Learners will be able to take notes based on a lecture.

Learners will be able to hone their interviewing skills, taking notes in the process.

Learners will be able to identify the importance of recycling.

Learners will be able to explain what happens to their garbage.



Marshall-Turkeyville Landfill


Pencils/ pen


  1. Teacher Lecture: Students will be given a pad of paper and a pencil and they will be asked to take notes on the lecture portion of the tour. They will also be equipped with a list of questions to ask at the landfill before they go and are encouraged to as these questions along the way.
  2. Student Activity: Upon returning to the building, the students will write a brief essay on what they learned at the landfill and how they are going to relate this new information to their group project.
  3. Student Activity: Students will be given time to discuss and collaborate about the new knowledge they gained at the landfill.


I will be able to assess the students’ learning by reading the responses they write to the landfill fieldtrip. Also, during the fieldtrip, I will be observing the students’ engagement and recording who asks questions and the relativity of their questions to the trip or to their project.

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