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Lesson 8: Recycle Germany

Recycling Unit

Lesson 8: Recycling in Germany/ Work Day if needed


Learners will be able to discuss the differences between American and German recycling programs.

Learners will be able to understand the symbols of German recycling cans and how to sort trash in Germany.

Learners will be able to justify why it is more important for Europeans to recycle.


K1.3  Understand the diversity of human beings and human cultures.


White paper


Lined paper



  1. Teacher Lecture: The teacher will describe the recycling procedure and other environmental precautions taken in Germany. Students will be presented with the German symbols for different products. Population densities between the United States and Germany will be compared to understand the importance of recycling. Students will be taught the penalty for not recycling.
  2. Student Activity: The students will draw pictures of the different symbols of recyclables and draw items for each category. Students will write a brief essay comparing and contrasting the American and German recycling programs and which they prefer and deem to be better.


I will be bale to assess the students’ learning based on their brief essays.

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