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Lesson 9: Taking out the Trash Follow-up

Recycling Unit

Lesson 9: Taking out the Trash Follow-up


Students will be able to analyze the solid waste that they generate over a period of time.

Students will be able to make graphs and analyze them.

Students will be able to predict the amount of waste produced the next week.


One week’s worth of trash


Graph paper

Graph of last weeks’ garbage to compare


1.      Student Activity: Students will divide into groups, each one taking a bag of garbage. The students will then sort the trash into recyclable and not recyclable materials.

2.      Student Activity: As a class, the students will record their data in a chart and then graph the results. Once the data has been compiled, the students will compare the charts from the two weeks. They will draw from observations in the classroom and personal experience to try to interpret the results.

3.      Teacher Lecture: The teacher will discuss the advantages of graphing over time and different ways in which the data can be analyzed mathematically (comparing means and standard deviations).


I will be able to student learning by the way they work in their groups and the predictions they make about waste.

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