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Philosophy of Teaching

“The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards.”
-Anatole France

Everyone wants to learn. Children come to school with a thirst for knowledge. Children see the world as a place of wonderment meant to be explored and understood. Children long to understand this world from the time they are born till the time they die. Often one will observe a young child sitting with a book upside down “reading” this amazing story at the age of two or three. These children not only want to understand what is in print, but they long to share it with the world. It then becomes the responsibility of teachers to harness this love and thirst for learning and knowledge and direct it towards the areas that the students need to learn. Too often students are turned off to learning because of the way that information is not tailored to their learning needs. Although teachers are expected to cover many different state curriculum content areas, students need to have the freedom to explore areas that are of interest to them. As a teacher, I will be in tune with their students’ needs, desires and passions. I will work to encourage these passions by actively engaging the students. If the needs of the students are not met, we lose yet another knowledge-thirsty child who could have grown up to be the next president, ambassador, or scientist who cures cancer, if only they were encouraged to pursue the areas that interested them.

“Students learn what they care about, from people they care about and who, they know, care about them . . .”

Barbara Harrell Carson, 1996, Thirty Years of Stories

Building a loving community. One cannot be an effective teacher if there is not a genuine love and respect between student and teacher. Part of this love is to encourage students to be not only the best learners they can be, but also the person. A teacher who cares about her students will provide them with the lessons that will carry them through life. The will teach them kindness and caring, not only through words but also through actions. Students are constantly observing and imitating their teachers. As a teacher, I will show kindness and compassion toward my students in hopes that they will learn from my example. I will care for and realize the potential of each student and use this within the classroom to establish a mutual respect in order to create a highly effective classroom for student personal and academic growth.

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