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Standard 5: Responsibilities and Relationships to School, Classroom and Students

Systematic reflection to organize and improve teaching and developing effective relationships, including the ability to:

a. Uphold the State of Michigan Professional Code of Ethics and engage in meaningful self-evaluation;
Throughout the process of a creating and presenting the curriculum unit, several steps were taken in order to allow time to reflect on m y unit and my personal growth. During the planning process, I took time to journal about my field experience on a regular basis as well as my progress on my unit. I wrote in my journal about my classroom experiences in order to get to know my class better. Journaling about the experiences I had in the class allowed me to design my unit around the personal and academic needs of the students.
While writing my unit plan, I wrote and revised my rationale for my lesson several times. My rationale was an overview of my unit and what I planned to accomplish. As this was revised, the direction that I wanted my unit to take changed. In compilation with my rationale, I also wrote and revised a conceptual matrix several times. The conceptual matrix took a deep look into reasons why I chose the activities that I did and the limitations of my class and my own abilities.

I also had conferences with my mentor teacher regularly about the strengths and weaknesses of my teaching. I was able to teach several math mesons before Maymester so I was well adjusted to the classroom by the time I had to teach my own lessons. During one of my Maymester lessons, my mentor teacher did a formal evaluation of my teaching practices. We then sat down and discussed these practices during our preparation period. I took notes on her reaction and wrote her a memorandum in return, explaining what I had heard her say. At this time, I also set two goals for myself as they pertained to my overall teaching career.

The final form of self-reflection that I did was to videotape myself teaching two different lessons. Upon reviewing of the tape, I was able to compare and contrast what worked and what did not work on a given day. I recorded my observations about my teaching practices and recorded them formally in a reflective paper. In documenting myself on more than one occasion, I was able to monitor my personal growth in ways such as my ability to convey information, posture, comfort in front of t he class and other teaching practices that are not always apparent when remembering the day’s events or a specific lesson.

e. Embrace and model teaching as a lifelong learning process and continue efforts to develop professionally.

As part of the student teaching process, I was able to demonstrate my continued efforts to develop professionally in a number of ways. The most prominent way in which I continued my learning was the daily review that I did while lesson planning. During the lesson planning process, I would research the subject that I was planning on teaching, in order to deepen my knowledge of the subject area. Many of the resources that I used to further my knowledge were then placed online as a link for parents and students to consider looking at for more information.

I was also able to model my passion for being a lifelong learner during a lesson with my first graders. During this lesson, we were discussing fruits and vegetables. As part of the discussion, I explained to the students that fruits contain seeds. It was then that I realized that several foods, such as cucumbers and tomatoes are often mistaken as vegetables. As a class, we then gathered around the computer to look further into this argument. We found an internet site that confirmed that cucumber and tomatoes are fruits. I then explained to the students that even as a teacher, I don’t know everything. This became a “teachable moment” to show the students that no matter how old you get, you never stop learning.

The school in which I student taught is currently adopting a new School Improvement Plan. As a student teacher, I was able to sit in on several school improvement plan meetings. Albion Public Schools has created goals at the district building level, and each individual grade level. The first grade team and I developed our own 1st grade S.M.A.R.T. goals as well as a plan to reach these goals. We met as a team to create quarterly assessments in math, science, writing, and social studies. As a school, we use the Dolch sight words as part of our reading assessment as well as leveling each reader.

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