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America the Beautiful

Guided Reading

Lesson 1

America the Beautiful

Time: 40 min

Objective: Learners will be able to write about they think is beautiful in America and support it with reasoning. (mastery- developing)


Students are asked to compile a list of things that are beautiful to them in the United States. No answer is considered wrong as everyone has different taste, however, if possible try to limit it to things that are more general as opposed to specific to their town.


Each student is given a copy of the book and the teacher reads each page while the students respond the first time through. The second time through, the students chorally read the book twice. They are then paired with their C partner and asked to return to their desks to read the book out loud.


The students accurately color their book. It is then assigned to them as homework to read to their parents at home.


I will know that learners are able to write about and support what they think is beautiful in America when we discuss it as a class. I will also know when they complete their writing paper independently.

Things to consider:

The book was the perfect level. The students were able to read it chorally unaided the second time through. They also were excited to take the books home as homework to read. We also talked about the rhyming element of poetry and repetition.

As part of writing that day, students were asked to complete the “America is Beautiful” page. Only one or two students correctly completed it the first time. Most students repeated the phrase “I like them because…” which was already provided for them. Also many answered, “They are beautiful because they are beautiful.” Some students took up to four attempts to complete the assignment, although most only took 2. The pages were then made into a class book.

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