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Grand Old Flag 2

Guided Reading

Lesson 2

You’re a Grand Old Flag

Time: 40 min

Objective: Learners will be able to identify poetic devices within a song. (mastery-beginning)

Before (10 min):

The teacher introduces the students to the wonderful world of poetry and poetic devices. The teacher familiarizes the students with devices such as rhythm, rhyme, repetition. It is important to note for the students that words that look alike can rhyme as well as words that are spelled differently. An example of each should be given. If the students seem to grasp the meanings, allow them to come up with their own examples.

During (20 min):

The teacher reads the books to the students and the students respond in unison after the teacher. After the students have successfully completed this task, the students should read the entire book together out loud.

After (10 min):

As a class, the teacher and students complete a worksheet regarding the poetic devices. It is important that the students pay attention to the teacher as they will complete the worksheet individually on the following day.


I will know that students are able to identify poetic devices in a song when they help me to complete the poetic devices worksheet.

Things to consider:

The book was way out of the students’ league of reading, which disengaged them. They did have a good time finding rhyming words. They also did not take me seriously that I was going to make them complete the worksheet independently the next day.

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