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Grand Old Flag 3

Guided Reading

Lesson 3

You’re a Grand Old Flag

Time: 40 min

Objective: Learners will be able to identify poetic devices within a song. (mastery- developing)

Before (10 min):

The teacher reviews with the students the various poetic devices, again giving examples of each.

During (20 min):

The teacher and students chorally read the book through twice. The students are then partnered up with their B reading partners and asked to read the book together alternating every page.

After (10 min):

The students are individually asked to complete the worksheet about the poetic devices. Help can be given where necessary, but the students should be able to complete the task entirely independently.


I will know that students are able to identify poetic devices in a song when they complete the poetic devices worksheet with a partner.

Things to consider:

The students who have a difficult time reading and comprehending had a difficult time completing the worksheet on their own despite the three times we went over the correct answers. Only 25% of the class was on task and completed the worksheet accurately. Although this is just a basic introduction, I was disappointed that they could not write the answers when dictated to them.

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