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Grand Old Flag Day 4

Guided Reading

Lesson 4

You’re a Grand Old Flag

Time: 40 min

Objective: Learners will be able to sing “You’re a Grand Old Flag.” (mastery- secure)

Before (10 min):

The teacher reviews once more the poetic devices used in the book, only this time the focus is shifted towards rhythm. Children are given the example of clapping out their spelling words as an example of rhythm.

During (20 min):

The teacher then demonstrates for the students how to read the book with the proper rhythm. Together the teacher and the students chorally read the book as many times as it takes for them to properly read the book with the right rhythm. They are then asked to go rhythmically read the book with their partners.

After (10 min):

The students learn to sing You’re a Grand Old Flag and sing it through multiple times. At first echo singing may be required.


I will know that learners can sing “You’re a Grand Old Flag” when we sing it as a class marching around the room and I listen to them for accuracy of words and rhythm.

Things to consider:

Rhythm was a lot harder to teach than I though it would be in relation to the text. Next time, I would have the students stomp out and chant the song (This was realized in the end). I would also spend two days on this lesson.

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