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Pledge of Allegiance Day 2

Guide Reading

Lesson 2

The Pledge of Allegiance


Learners will be able to evaluate past ideas, sift through them and create new ones.


As a class review the vocabulary from the day before so that students are familiar with possible words they may encounter.


Teacher reads the books to the students and the students respond in unison after the teacher. After the students have successfully completed this task, the students should read the entire book together out loud. The students will then be given the book to read in partner pairs, but it is imperative that the students point to the words as they read them, as this book is one they have already memorized.


The teacher gathers the students at the back of the classroom to discuss words from the vocabulary list that they did not need as well as adding the important ones that they will need not only for this book, but for the rest of the patriotism unit.


I will know that students are able to evaluate past ideas when they narrow down their vocabulary list from the day before and add more words as necessary.

Things to consider:

The students had to be monitored to make sure they were reading and not just reciting the book from memory.

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