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Pledge of Allegiance Day 1

Guided Reading

Lesson 1

The Pledge of Allegiance


Learners will be able to identify possible contents of the book based upon picture clues.


Teacher prompts student discussion with the question: Can you find a symbol of the United States of America in our classroom. If leading is necessary, the teacher should guide the students toward the American Flag as a possible answer. The teacher then prompts the students to discuss what they know about the American Flag. Key points of interest would be the number of stars and stripes and why we have them. The colors of the flag are also a possible topic for discussion. If time allows, ask the students to identify other symbols of the United States or perhaps even symbols that are linked with the flag, such as the pledge of allegiance or the Star Spangled Banner. Also ask the student to define patriotism. After listening to their ideas, tell them that is it a way in which we show love for our country. One way we do this is through learning about and displaying her symbols, but we also show love by being good citizens.


Teacher takes the students through a picture walk through the book. Ask the students to identify symbols or pictures that they may be familiar with. Encourage the students to discuss any previous knowledge that they have. In conclusion for this section, ask the students what they would name the book.


As a class, the students should compile a list of possible vocabulary words for the book.


I will know that learns can guess content based on picture clues when they develop a list of possible new vocabulary during the “After.”

Things to consider:

The pictures were not a good indicator of contents in this book. The students recognized that students were saying the Pledge of Allegiance, but they failed to recognize it as a recurring theme.

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