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Pledge of Allegiance Day 3

Guided Reading

Lesson 3

The Pledge of Allegiance


Learners will be able to guess, from context, unfamiliar words.


Teacher guides the students on a walk through the book, explaining in depth the symbols that the students come across. This includes symbols such as the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument. The students are also given the opportunity to try and determine why the author chose the particular pictures he or she did.


The teacher leads the students in a choral reading exercise and then allows the students to work with their assigned partners.


The teacher leads the students in a discussion about what the Pledge of Allegiance means. The teacher has a worksheet with tabs containing unfamiliar words in the Pledge, such as “pledge.” The students are first given the opportunity to guess the meaning of the unfamiliar word based on context. It is explained to the students that meaning can be found in the surrounding words and they should look to those words for clues. After students have had time to discuss the word, the true alternate meaning is given.


I will know that learners can guess the meaning of words they don’t know when they discuss possible meanings of unknown words.

Things to consider:

Although the students heard and recognized meaning of words at the time, it did not stick with them afterward. They could easily remember indivisible because we acted it out in class, but the rest they could not remember.

The visual that was given: A student and I locked arms and said that we were indivisible. We then held together tightly and asked students to try to tear us apart, but not one succeeded. The kids then remembered indivisible as not being able to be pulled apart.

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