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Red, White and Blue

Guided Reading

Lesson 1

Red, White and Blue


Learners will be able to identify and discuss items in the United States that are consistently red, white and blue.


As a class, the students are asked to compile a list of things that are red, white, blue or a combination thereof. The students are asked to steer away from specifics and try to find objects that are consistently red, white or blue such as a fire truck. They are asked to find these colors because of their direct tie to the United States of America. The students can come up with an infinite list so more time than usual can be spent on this part.


The teacher reads chorally with the students once and then the students are paired with partners for partner read. The book is very simple and contains words that the students already know. Thus a lot of time does not need to be dedicated to this portion.


The students are gathered together again to add to the list and discuss the red, white and blue items that they had not thought of. The history of each item in the book is listed in the back and it is appropriate to discuss the importance of each picture in the book.


I will know that students are able to identify standard red, white and blue objects when they compile a list of these items then add more items after the reading.

Things to consider:

The students were very engaged and liked discussing in depth what life was like in a one room school house. This took up most of the time, so much so that a whole other lesson could be devoted to this book, just to discuss the pictures that the author chose. We talked so long we were late for lunch. Next time, I would come prepared with pictures to support that particular discussion such as pictures of what people wore and what the school houses looked like inside.

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