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Lesson 4: George Washington


Lesson 4: George Washington


Learners will be able to identify George Washington and tell why he is important.


Book on George Washington





  1. The teacher asks the students who the first president was and what they know about him.
  2. After giving the students plenty of time to discuss what they know about George Washington, the teacher will read the book on George Washington.
  3. After the reading of the book, the teacher will ask the students to talk about what they learned and what they found interesting.
  4. If time allows, have the students shade over a quarter with a crayon on a piece of paper so that they have a reminder to take home of George Washington. This will also connect to the worksheet in the next lesson.


I will be able to assess the information gained by the students by their discussion after the book.


I will know that students are able to identify George Washington when they correctly identify him on currency on the given worksheet in the next lesson.

Things to consider:

Because of extenuating circumstances, this lesson was combined with the Abraham Lincoln lesson and became a read aloud book and a much quicker lesson, but the worksheet was still used.

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