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Lesson 5: Abraham Lincoln


Lesson 5: Abraham Lincoln


Learners will be able to identify Abraham Lincoln.


“The Train Home” by Patsy Becvar

Money Worksheet


  1. The teacher asks the students to discuss what they know about Abraham Lincoln.
  2. After the discussion has ended the teacher reads the Funeral Train for Abraham Lincoln.
  3. After the reading of the book, the teacher will ask the students to talk about what they learned and what they found interesting.
  4. The teacher will also comment about the nickname of Abraham Lincoln, Honest Abe.
    1. For example, Lincoln didn’t like to charge people much who were as poor as he was. Once a man sent him twenty-five dollars, but Lincoln sent him back ten of it, saying he was being too generous.
    2. An old woman in dire poverty, the widow of a Revolutionary soldier, was charged $200 for getting her $400 pension. Lincoln sued the pension agent and won the case for the old woman. He didn’t charge her for his services and, in fact, paid her hotel bill and gave her money to buy a ticket home!
  5. Students will complete a worksheet in which they need to identify George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.


I will know that students are able to identify Abraham Lincoln when they identify Abraham Lincoln correctly on American currency on the worksheet.

Things to consider:

I had not planned on was taken aback by the lack of previous knowledge that the students had on slavery. This ended up being the focus of the lesson for the children to understand why Abraham Lincoln was so important. This was a teachable moment about slavery and slave conditions. I even drew from other books and pictures around the classroom such as “A Place Called Mother Hubbard Cupboard,” by Patsy Becvor.

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