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Lesson 7: Uncle Sam


Lesson 7: Uncle Sam


Learners will be able to identify and correctly color Uncle Sam.

Learners will be familiar with the story of Uncle Sam.


Picture of Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam Worksheet


  1. Teacher introduces the symbol of the day and asks the students if they had ever head of Uncle Sam. The teacher allows for a few minutes of discussion about whether or not they have heard of Uncle Sam. At this point it is normal for the students to identify the Uncle Sam with members of their own family.
  2. The teacher then shows the students a picture of Uncle Sam on the “I Want You” poster.
  3. The teacher then tells the students the story of Uncle Sam.
    1. Mr. Samuel Wilson, a prominent meat-packer in Troy, New York during the War of 1812
    2. During the War of 1812, Mr. Wilson was kind enough to try and help the troops fighting the British as best he could by sending them crates of meat, which he stamped U.S. It is believed that U.S. stood for the United States of America, but no one knows for sure.
    3. The soldiers themselves, familiar with Sam Wilson’s operation made the joke and claimed the U.S. to stand for “Uncle Sam.”
    4. Later cartoonists pictured Uncle Sam in the traditional red, white and blue outfit and he was adopted as a symbol of America and patriotism.
    5. Sam Wilson, however, did not look like the traditional Uncle Sam. He was clean cut and did not wear the traditional goatee of Uncle Sam.
  4. Students color in Uncle Sam as he appears in pop culture.


I will know that students are able to identify Uncle Sam when they independently color him.

I will know that students are familiar with the legend of Uncle Sam when they tell their partner the story.

Things to consider:

The students were having a very off day in general, so only four students sat before me to listen to the story. The four that sat before were able to color the picture and then were asked to share the story of Uncle Sam with their table. The table members then repeated the story to me in order receive their coloring sheets.

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