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Lesson 9: This Land is You Land


Lesson 9: This Land is Your Land


Learners will be able to sing This Land is Your Land and understand the geographical significance of the song.


This land is Your Land music and lyrics

Map of the United States


Bag of white chocolate morsels


Red, white and blue sprinkles.


  1. Teacher introduces the song as a song a song that lays out the dimensions of the United States.
  2. The teacher goes line by line with the students echoing the singing. As the teacher reads each line, the teacher tells the students what the line means and point to it on the map. After every two lines, the students and the teacher go back and review from the beginning, scaffolding on what the students know.
  3. The teacher and the students sing through the song several times. As they sing, the teacher and students will point to the area on the area on the map that it is discussing.
  4. The teacher and the students again review and discuss the lyrics of the song and what they mean or are talking about.
  5. The students engage in a teacher led celebration mimicking the 4th of July.
    1. Teacher melts white chocolate
    2. Each student dips the type of the pretzel into the chocolate and then into the sprinkles, creating a miniature sparkler.
  6. As the students eat, the teacher discusses the tradition of sparklers and fireworks for the 4th of July, dating back to the Revolutionary War and Independence Day.


I will know that students understand the geographical references in the song when they point to the locations on the map as they sing.

I will know that the students are able to sing the song when they sing the song as a class unassisted by me.

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